...the rest of the story

My life brought me to this point. Each thing I did, read, watched, and said led me to right now. 

One of the more recent things I did was to listen to a video series by Kyle Cease. That video led me to thinking about an idea, then it became a process then I ended up typing this. 

The P•A•A•H process evolved from a deep desire to know what it is I should be doing for a living? My Purpose!

The P•A•A•H process is my gift to you.  Download it HERE

Other than that I have been building website since 2009.  I began branding and marketing people and businesses, consulting, masterminding, visioning, and writing content during that time as well.  My gift is being able to hear what someone is truly saying behind the limitation and help them share their story. When branding someone, it's not my interpretation of who you are, it's you telling me who you are and I create the brand around it. That's what attracts raving fans.