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I'm that woman in the image above pre-cancer and to the right.... a fighter. I'm a Visioneer first then a website engineer, candle maker, author, and an amateur Chef.

There isn't a web designer that I followed or would say I was influenced by. But I am heavily influenced by Kyle Cease when it comes to the way I conduct business. My greatest influencers were my mentors: GOD, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Kyle Cease, Matt Kahn, and many more but in that order.

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After a free hour consultation, you'll decide the package you'd like upon continuing. If you'd like Masterminding, business engineering, or simple website design, it'll be up to you. 

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Business Engineering


More like life's purpose engineer but that does't sound as exciting. But behind every business is a person that said YES to an idea or a call to use a skill. That's what we'll find out.

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Website Design


Already have a business you love?  Maybe you need to sell your business to follow your calling? Either way, there are a variety of web design packages to fit your needs starting at as little as $2,000

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Anne Bariola-#TheIdeaGirl

Greenville, Mississippi 38701, United States

defensive line football coach David Bariola.

Coach Bariola

Defensive Line Football Coach

After 2 amazing years at, my alma mater, St. Joseph Catholic School, I am excited to see what's next. 

I believe my lifetime of coaching experience helps me to be relatable and effective.

I assisted my father for nearly a decade as a manager and then as an assistant to the defensive line coach for three years after high school. The experience and relationships I gained pushed me to follow my father into the coaching profession.   I’ve spent the last two years coaching a highly competitive, diverse, and winning Catholic football program. I have coached both the defensive and offensive lines, and linebackers. 

I have a strong ability to mold and motivate student-athletes on and off the field. One of my athletes told us he had played football at his previous school. I quickly recognized that he had no prior football experience.   I personally taught him the fundamentals, rules and skill sets he needed to excel. Within that first football season, he not only started on the offensive and defensive line, he received his first varsity letter.