Appreciation: recognition and enjoyment of the good qualities of someone or something.

The etymology of the word appreciate is to price, determine the value of. Therefore, appreciation is to recognize the value of something or someone.

I often felt unappreciated. That no matter how much I did for someone, it was never enough. Enough for what? Survival!

It was never enough to receive what I needed to be happy; to feel secure, worthy, and loved. 

That’s because I’m the one that sets the tone for that. I’m the one that is supposed to appreciate myself. You can appreciate my acts but you rarely will if I do them so that you’ll love or value me. Just like the person who tricks you into coming into their store with some too-good-to-be-true ad, they want something. You can smell a sleazy sales-person from a mile away. Because it takes one to know one.

This whole thought started when I woke up this morning and made a cup of coffee. I thought about how much I appreciated my little $5 travel mug I got at Walgreens. I left my previous travel mug at the Farmer’s Market the week before and didn’t know what to do without the ability to take coffee with me where ever I went.

I appreciated the coffee mug. It’s not fancy, it says nothing motivational; it is plain gray and I love it. It matches 50% of my hair and all of my Fighting Irish hoodie. I don’t have two or five travel mugs. I have one. I’ve asked myself recently, “If you have a favorite, why do you have others?” There are lots of reasons that will pop in your head instantly. 99% will be justifications and a few snarky sentences that weren’t necessary. 

What would happen if you would truly appreciate everything you have? Like your vehicle. You don’t have to walk. You don’t! Ever! Whether it’s cold, raining, windy, scorching hot, muggy, or top-down gorgeous… you can drive. You can drive two blocks to your friends or you can drive 3,000 miles across the country. Appreciate it. What your vehicle looks like is a direct reflection of the care and appreciation you have for it. 

Apply that to everything. Your makeup, clothes, shoes, tools, home, pets, and SELF! That’s THE most important, but it’s an hour-long read all on its own for another day.

I think where I struggled with appreciation in the past was the mass amount of stuff I had. I ended up resenting it all because of the debt. If you don’t care for something, it will depreciate. From your windshield scraper to your body, if you neglect, ignore, or mistreat something it will depreciate. 

Look at an item. What does it mean to you? What does it afford you? Are you willing to look after it, maintain or care for it, and pay for the space to keep it secure?

Let’s talk about appreciation.