If people were books, you’d meet them mid sentence.

Were they are-

were the ink is most wet.

If people were books, you’d see their binding quite clearly.

The cover-

the one you judge.

If people were books, you’d see their title

The one they use to promote themselves-

their labels

If people were books you’d look them up by their barcode.

That nine digit categorizable number-

societies unique identifier

If people were books, you’d realize that they are telling you their story.

If people were books, you could see the next page is blank.

Unwritten, like yours.

If people were books, you could read their past.

You could follow the choice back

to the first time they felt that way.

If people were books, we’d all have useless erasers.

Desperately trying to take back what we did-

to ourselves

What you write in another’s book is also written in yours.

If we looked at people like they were books we’d be more careful about what we say before we know more. There’s a referenceable copy of everything that person ever went through. All the conversations are recorded in ink. It’s all referenced in the blink of an eye when you say or do something. Even the things you don’t say. That’s written in your book and in their book…. the person you didn’t speak to.

If I looked at people (myself) like they are books I’d understand why it feels like I don’t belong, when I let someone else write on my pages. I will write on the pages of my book no matter what. I breathe, I write. That’s how it goes. If I let you write what you would do in my circumstance, then your ink is going on top of mine and I’ll end up feeling lost, confused, helpless, anxious or resistant. It’s my soul’s way. It’s not my story… it’s yours.

I want to meet people at the page they are at and I want to be met that way too. I want to write beautiful words and witness them. I want to share, communicate, co-create and enjoy all that life has to offer. I want my book to be colorful, engaging, romantic, funny and long… so so long.

I want to write my pages openly, in the moment.

I want to inspire people to write their pages with genuine flare and squiggle at the end.

I want to see people as if they were books.