Anne Bariola

"My only competition is who I was yesterday."

“Lies leave an impression. Authenticity leaves an impact.”

My Story

  • I’m a self-taught Home-Business Design Engineer and Solutions Architech with a degree in Journalism and Business Management.
  • I am on a personal journey of self actualization after an encounter with cancer.
  • I have a passion for etymology.
  • 10% of sales and salaries go to libraries, museums, and non-profits that ensure access to information.
  • Climate Change begins when we check our own habits.
  • The thing I most fear is the thing that would bring the most joy: Vulnerability!

What I Believe

All life is vital and deserving of...

Access to clean water, clean air, and clean micronutrients. Free from anything unnatural. Free from agents created for mass-production. 

Honest Education

Education for all humans based on only recorded facts, not emotion, opinion, or manipulation.

Creative Expression

Creativity is the source of all things. There is nowhere that it does not belong. 


When we do things from a place that doesn’t need a result, we do it with integrity. Integrity can not exist in a space filled with expectations.


  1. I practice holding space in conversations.
  2. I see in tapestry and follow all exposed threads with curiosity, not judgement.
  3. I prefer Agile Project Management style.
  4.  I do the “WORK” to show up in this life authentically and honestly.
  5. I’m organized.
  6. I love lists, deadlines, and whiteboards.
  7. I engage in enriching conversation.

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